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Bob Karma Australian Ghanian Reggae, R&B artist

Debut single Good Girl Gone Bad



Bob Karma is an exciting musician based in North Queensland Australia who has worked and toured extensively nationally and internationally, his voice is rich in tone and big on soul. Bob’s love for music started at a young age in Ghana where he played in bands and worked his way up to being one of Ghana’s most sort after musicians both vocally and behind the bass guitar, his vocals and stage presence infectious.

Bob came to Australia with the Afro Moses band as vocals and bass and has played most of Australia’s big festivals.

With a deep love for reggae artists who have passed to the next realm. Bob homages the greats of reggae like they are in the room.

With his original music which he has just started to release the smoothness of his voice and the textures of the lyrics dig deep into the social and economic corridors of time.

Bob Karma’s music is photographic, and playful, while also being a snapshot of cultures and traditions colliding with modern-day life. When you listen to his music you walk with your feet in the richness of the earth


Bob Karma